If fire breaks out in your home, you must get out fast. With your family, plan two ways out of every room. Fire escape routes must not include elevators, which might take you right to the fire! Choose a meeting place outside where everyone should gather. Once you are out, stay out! Have the whole family practice the escape plan at least twice a year.
  • 911 CALLS:
    Be sure that your children know their home address and phone number, as well as how to call 911 for emergencies.
    If someone gets burned, immediately place the wound in cool water for 10 to 15 minutes to ease the pain. Do not use butter on a burn, as this could prolong the heat and further damage the skin. If burn blisters or chars, see a doctor immediately.
    Be Careful Cooking
    Keep cooking areas clear of combustibles, and don't leave cooking unattended. Keep your pot's handles turned inward so children won't knock or pull them over the edge of the stove. If grease catches fire, carefully slide a lid over the pan to smother the flames, then turn off the burner.
    Everyone should know this rule: if your clothes catch fire, don't run! Stop where you are, drop to the ground, and roll over and over to smother the flames. Cover your face with your hands to protect your face and lungs.
    If you encounter smoke using your primary exit, use your alternate route instead. If you must exit through smoke, clean air will be several inches off the floor. Get down on your hands and knees, and crawl to the nearest safe exit.

Kent Groves
Chief 201 Kent Groves

Jim Perkins
Asst. Chief 202 Jim Perkins
Damian Koch
Asst. Chief 203 Damian Koch
Cleon Forler
Ret. Chief 204 Cleon Forler
David Dougan
Ret. Chief 205 David Dougan
Gordon Trulock
Safety Officer 206 Gordon Trulock
Neal Dougan
Firefighter 207 Neal Dougan
John Graham
Captain 208 John Graham
Chris Hagan
Captain 209 Chris Hagan

Captain 210
Mason Seay
Firefighter 211 Mason Seay
Mike Trulock
Firefighter 212 Mike Trulock
Brian Spellmeyer
Firefighter/EMT 214 Brian Spellmeyer
Chris Anderson
Firefighter/EMT 216 Chris Anderson
Tim Roos
Firefighter/EMT 217 Tim Roos
Jessie Frields
Firefighter 219 Jessie Frields
Nick Yearby
Firefighter 220 Nick Yearby
Gene Trulock
First Responder/EMT 226 Jean Trulock

Jacquline Roos
First Responder 228 Jacqueline Roos
Not Pictured:
Firefighter/EMT 221 Jake Giles
Firefighter 222 Nick Perkins
First Responder 227 Krystal Yearby